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Karma - White Grapefruit Sparkling Water 250ml

by Karma Cola



Blast your taste buds into next week with a sweet and mouthpuckeringly sour collision of organic white grapefruit and pure, sparkling water. Our organic white grapefruit come from the Yesodot Moshav Shitufi in Israel’s deliciously fertile Shephelah lowlands. A Moshave Shitufi is a village co-operative, a bit like a Kibbutz, but where each family chooses which delicacies they put on their tables. The people of Yesodot are devout organic horticulturalists which is good for the grapefruit, land, farmers, their families and now you.


Ingredients: carbonated water, organic white grapefruit juice from concentrate, organic white grapefruit extract from the whole fruit, organic sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavours, vitamin C made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients By All Good Organics

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