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Skin B5 - Acne Treatment Purifying Mask 100gm

by Skin B5



Apply to affected areas or as an all over face mask, SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask is a fast acting, five minute application designed to support and enhance the performance and results of the SkinB5 Acne Control products. SkinB5 Skin Purifying Mask should be used on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin condition.

Ingredients: French Green Clay: Absorbs excess oil, revitalises the complexion and tightens pores. French Green Clay (from France) is perfect for clearing problem skin. Studies have shown that French Green Clay is also a highly effective antibacterial agent.


Australian Great Barrier Reef sea minerals: Unclogs pores by removing dead skin cells which may prevent the natural process of cell renewal.

Vitamin B5: Helps control skin oil and will assist in soothing and purifying the skin.

Aloe Vera: Recent studies have shown that aloe vera facilitates the healing of wounds and damaged skin tissue.

Bergamont Oil: Bergamot has antibacterial and drying properties making it an ideal pimple treatment. It exudes a citrus aroma that has a calming effect on the mind, body and soul.

Avocado Oil: Promotes cell regeneration, used for skin inflammation and to cleanse the skin. Avocado oil is also high in sterolins, which are reputed to be beneficial in healing scars and moisturising the upper layers of the skin. The sterolins in Avocado oil have been found to diminish age spots.

SkinB5 skin care products are FREE of: parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils, triethanolamine (TEA), diethanolamine (DEA), urea, peroxide, animal products, and nano particles.

Ingredients:Purified water, kaolin, bentonite, glycerin, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, carbomer, ceteareth-20, cetyl alcohol, glycerol mono stearate, alpha tocopherol acetate, Great Barrier Reef salt (sodium chloride), panthenol, eucalyptus oil, sodium hydroxy methyl glycinate, matricaria extract, horsetail extract, horse chestnut extract, rosemary extract, sage extract, gingko extract, menthol, grapefruit extract, chamomile extract, chamomile oil, propylene glycol, mental piperita oil

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