About us

The Concept

Funki Munki was the brain child of a dear friend who foresaw a local meeting hub of healing and health through fun. She approached Carolyn Ditchfield who was then outletting organic, environmental, fair trade and local products via an online shop to see if she was interested in creating such a space together.

They called on Kelly Jones of 3 Sistas Eco Farm to help design a space that could encompass their ideas - and it started with reusing pallets for shelving using friends and family, and has turned into a living growing entity that includes therapeutic rooms and to-be therapeutic juice bar, kitchen, cafe, garden and more. It has been designed to unfold as the energy and inclinations blossom.

Early in 2015 the space was first opened to the public.

Carolyn Ditchfield

Carolyn has been a passionate agronomist with a bent towards natural solutions in the field, and who sees the connection between soil, plant, animal and human health.

Carolyn pulled back from actively consulting with farmers after her second child in 2005, and focused instead on spreading information on biological ideas and solutions via an electronic newsletter - From The Soil Up - then opened an online organic shop - Revisiting Nature. She was also a director of Biodynamics Agriculture Australia 2010 - 2013.

Nick Barton

Nick is Carolyn's life partner and confidante who also has a long history as an agronomist with strong inclinations towards natural solutions. He is an accredited Permaculture consultant with much sort after computer mapping skills, but spends most of his time now providing and analysing precision ag data.

Funki Munki

Funki Munki is a natural merging of skills and interests, all centered around non-toxic, health promoting, fair trade ethics - with an enormous desire to nurture and promote locals into providing more and more of the raw materials and services.​​​​​​