General Logistics

​Freight Rate

Funki Munki uses Australia Post to send parcels around Australia. Freight rates can be estimated directly from Australia Post's website, but we will confirm final prices via email once determined. If the item is very light or small, we can offer an Australia Post option of $8.00 (ie envelope rate).


Funki Munki will only deliver within the 80km zone of Inverell for a set rate of $5.00 per drop off. Deliveries are offered after the shop shuts at 6pm each weekday or after 1pm Saturdays.

Pick Ups

Locals are always welcomed to order online then pick up and preferably pay in shop (especially as many fresh item weights can change). This also gives you the option of paying via cash or card.


You will find various items throughout the online shop that can only be requested in via an email. If you find you need a number of such items, feel free to put a list of those items together into the one email, rather than many.

Fresh Produce

Most of Funki Munki's fresh produce from United Organics markets arrives each Wednesday (unless interrupted by public holidays). There are many fresh items that will be brought in only on request - please feel free to make use of this facility to ensure you get the more unusual items or varieties in store when they come in season and are available.

The fresh produce section is kept up to date weekly and is therefore reasonably reflective of what will be available the following week - though typical of markets, things do change day to day, and what might show as available one day, may end up out of stock.

Note that most fresh items available in the online shop will include the name of the supplying farmer in the description.​​​

Finding A Product

​While browsing each category is a way to view all items that are on offer, if you wish to be directed quickly to a specific item it is suggested that you type keywords into the Search box at the top of the page. You can type in a brand or product name, ingredient or even body part or condition. The search is done on the product title as well as from its description notes. Note that you need to have the correct spelling.​​​​​​