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Protein Supplies - Pea Protein Vanilla Bean 30gm

by Protein Supplies



This Vanilla Pea Pro is hand-crafted using Certified Organic Madagascan Vanilla bean, with a thick & silky natural vanilla flavour (check out the specs of vanilla in each serve!):


PeaPro is a low-carb, lactose & soy-free vegan-friendly protein, easy to digest and free from commonly used chemicals (such as hexane). Using a delicate low-heat process, the risk of damaging the sensitive proteins (denaturation) has been eliminated, delivering a raw, nutritionally superior, complete protein #naturalfuel.


Main Points:


4% Protein Per Serve (81.2% Protein Pure)

High in BCAAs (Isoleucine 1.03g, Leucine 2.29g, Valine 1.09g Per Serve)


Alkaline Protein

Complete protein – Assists with Muscle Recovery & Repair

Other Points:

Low in Fat & Sugar

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Easy to Digest

GMO Free

Soy Free

Low Heat Process

No nasties


Ingredients: 100% Non-GMO Yellow Pea - Pea Protein Concentrate

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